Mission / Core Values

Support and Connection for Families

Creating a family is an amazing time full of excitement, wonder, and questioning. Often families find themselves with nowhere to turn to share in their joy or worries. It takes a village to raise a child.

Mission: Parenting Village fosters the health and wellbeing of children and families in the Rochester area by offering support and connection for all families.

Vision: We envision an inclusive, mutually supportive community in which all families thrive.

Core Values

Our core values are the principles that guide our work. They are the tenets that we rely upon when developing programming, interacting with one another, and serving the community.


We truly value the power of the collective. We work cooperatively with one another, with the community, and with those utilizing our services to create an atmosphere that is respectful, caring, and acknowledging of differences even in efforts to find common ground. We rely upon an open flow of communication and feedback systems to evaluate progress.

Authenticity and Courage

We utilize direct, open and honest communication. We handle difficult situations with thoughtfulness, curiosity, and empathy. We greet challenges with a willingness to reflect both inward on our own process and outward on external circumstances and others’ experiences. We demonstrate a commitment to learning and growth.

Trust and Integrity

We work to be both trusting and trustworthy. We trust that our colleagues, those we serve, and those who interact with our organization are essentially motivated by basic goodness. When we find ourselves struggling with this principle, we rely upon our other core values to communicate and act in a manner that reinforces trust. We exemplify our trustworthiness by setting clear, attainable expectations and we hold ourselves accountable for the responsibilities that we agree to undertake.

Support and Empowerment

We are fundamentally dedicated to support and empowerment, because we realize that they are essential to the success of any system, including families and the organizations that serve them. Our programs and services are designed to offer support and empowerment to parents, and our work environment is tailored to provide these same experiences to board members, staff and volunteers. We exist in solidarity with the community we serve.


We maintain an overarching philosophy that values diverse perspectives and backgrounds, and promises mutual respect. Our commitment to inclusion means that we allow space for a full spectrum of experiences and viewpoints. We know that creating space for a multitude of beliefs ultimately enriches connections and benefits everyone, even as it challenges each of us to grow and learn.

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