Circles (Now NAMI Groups)

Circles are now Parenting Groups at NAMI!

Where: NAMI Rochester, 346 N. Goodman Street

As of May 1, 2022, our Circles Program has transitioned to in-person Parent Groups under NAMI Rochester, where parents and caregivers can experience wellness support and connection from prenatal/postpartum through every stage of parenting children as they grow. These groups allow parents and caregivers to share their joys and challenges with each other in a safe and welcoming environment, and people can make connections, learn together, and receive the support they need to give the best of themselves to their children.

Check NAMI Roc’s Parenting Groups page for the most up-to-date schedule!
Meetings are taking place at NAMI Rochester, 346 N. Goodman St. For the hybrid groups, reach out to for a Zoom link.

Expecting and Adjusting to Motherhood

On Hiatus This group serves pregnant and postpartum mothers as they prepare for and adjust to parenthood. We will support each other to normalize pregnancy and postpartum adjustments and struggles. Connect with other moms who are also managing issues such as stress, baby blues, pregnancy or postpartum depression or anxiety.

Raising Babies and Toddlers

On Hiatus This group is for parents and caregivers of babies and toddlers 0-4 years old. If you’re in need of extra support, looking for connection, and/or want to share your experience with others, you are welcome to join! Babies/toddlers are always welcome to come and play!

Parenting School Age Children

2nd and 4th Tuesdays from 8-9 pm, facilitated by Katie Malarkey (in-person with virtual option) This group is for parents and caregivers of school-aged children ages 4-10. Whether you are navigating school experiences, parenting struggles, or seeking social connection with other parents, let us offer a safe space to share together. For virtual Zoom link, email

Parenting Tweens and Teens

2nd and 3rd Sundays from 10-11am, facilitated by Jennie Sutliff (in-person with virtual option) This group is for parents and caregivers of tweens and teens ages 11-17. Parents are met with new struggles that can be overwhelming, as children enter adolescence. If you are seeking connection, support, and validation, we will offer a safe space for this group of parents. For virtual Zoom link, email
Do you need immediate assistance? Call 911 or 211 ( Do you need ongoing support? See Postpartum Support International. Have questions? Contact us at or at 585.270.1832