Looking to connect with other parents?

Parenting Village’s Connection Workgroup meets regularly to create events that provide opportunities for families to make lasting connections with other families. Through these events, families learn about and experience the many family-related activities that our area has to offer. Some past gatherings include potlucks, adult nights out, and volunteering events.

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Introducing Solids to Your Baby | June 7th at 7:30pm
For our June Connection event, Parenting Village is excited to partner with and learn from Dr. Jessica Morrison of Rochester General Pediatric Associates! Join us on June 7th at 7:30pm for a virtual workshop discussing American Academy of Pediatrics recommendations and current trends in feeding styles. Hear about baby led weaning, finger foods and puréed baby food. Dr. Morrison will discuss transitioning from breastfeeding and how and when to start solids with baby.
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“The events are fun, low-key, and great for parents and kids of all ages!”

-Connection participant