What is Nurture?

  • A no-cost peer support program for families with babies up to one year old in the Rochester area
  • Support is offered over 3 months, during any 3-month period in the baby’s first year of life
  • Peer support is provided by trained volunteers who are passionate about supporting families with a new baby
  • Parent-driven, where we ask parents what would be most helpful to them
  • Why? Because we know that the time after a baby’s birth can be intense for families. Parenting Village honors the energy required to bring a child into the world, and we seek to nurture the parents who undertake this vital responsibility.

Remote Nurture Support for families with new babies

Parenting Village is here to support growing families remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic.
    Trained peer volunteers are available to help you in a COVID-safe way by offering:
  • Weekly check-ins and/or chats via telephone, video calls or text messages
  • Reading books on zoom with older siblings
  • Grocery shopping/delivery*
  • Assistance setting up a Meal Train and other virtual support tools to connect with family/friends
  • Assistance with household management as it relates to parenting (schedules, meal planning, etc)
    Referrals to:
  • Parenting Village’s virtual Support Circles to connect with other parents
  • Parenting Village’s virtual Connection Events to learn about local businesses and organizations, to connect with other parents and to engage in fun activities on your own or with your family.
  • Private FB groups for ongoing support and connection
  • Community resources

  • In addition to these tasks, Nurture volunteers may listen to the parent’s experiences of birth and the postpartum period, and offer compassionate understanding and peer support.

    *If a family can afford their groceries, volunteers can offer to pick up a grocery order that has been paid for and deliver it to the family’s home. If a family can’t afford their groceries, volunteers can offer to pick up a grocery order from a local food cupboard and deliver it to the family’s home.
Interested in receiving Nurture support? Fill out our Nurture Program Family Interest Form.

If you would like to support families as a Nurture Volunteer, please contact Shawna Peterson, Volunteer Coordinator via phone: (585) 270-1832 or email:

Download our Remote Nurture Program Flyer here.

“We don’t have family nearby, and we can’t afford to hire daytime help, so finding this program brought me to tears. It felt like the answer I’ve been praying for, but had no idea existed.” – Nurture Mom

“The volunteers helped me to relax and find confidence within the unpredictability and fast-paced transition of motherhood.” -Nurture participant