Help us expand our home-based peer support program for families with new babies!

We are thrilled to announce that Parenting Village was awarded a Possibility Grant by the Max and Marian Farash Charitable Foundation to support a 2018 pilot of our Nurture program — our home-based peer support program for families with new babies in the Rochester community, and that they are continuing their support of this program in 2019.

What is Nurture?
  • A FREE, home-based peer support program for families with new babies
  • Support is offered over 3 months, during any 3-month period in the baby’s first year of life
  • Peer support is provided by trained volunteers who are passionate about supporting families with a new baby
  • Parent-driven, where we ask parents what would be most helpful to them
  • Why? Because we know that the time after a baby’s birth can be intense for families. Parenting Village honors the energy required to bring a child into the world, and we seek to nurture the parents who undertake this vital responsibility.
Support can come in a variety of ways. Nurture volunteers may:
  • hold your newborn so you can shower and rest
  • attend to needs of older siblings
  • help with basic household tasks
  • go for a walk with you and your little one(s)
  • assist with diapering, feeding or soothing baby
In addition to these tasks and many more, Nurture volunteers may listen to the parent’s experiences of birth and the postpartum period, offer compassionate understanding and peer support, and offer connections to community resources.

If you have any interest in Nurture Support or volunteering, please contact Shawna Peterson, Nurture Program Coordinator at 716-320-0452 or
“The volunteers helped me to relax and find confidence within the unpredictability and fast-paced transition of motherhood.” -Nurture participant